Landing Zone brings the education data that’s most important to you together, in one place.


Landing Zone

Technology has enabled us to put a device in every student’s hand, enabled blended learning, and made personalized learning far more achievable than ever before. Students are receiving instruction at their level, pace, and often in their preferred modality. This is wonderful on the teaching and learning side, but has also meant that schools have data in more places than ever before and it is often siloed away, made difficult to access.

Landing Zone helps solve that. We bring the data that is most important to you together, in one place. We leverage Ed-Fi to bring together data from your student information system, learning management system, assessment platform, and more. We do this by providing districts with a fully managed and supported Ed-Fi ODS (operational data store). This unlocks the ability to view the full student by visualizing any data from one entity (ie. attendance) next to another (ie. grades), unlocking data interoperability for your organization, and the ability to improve your data quality by leveraging reports provided that look for common data issues.

Gone are the days of downloading CSV / Excel files, or manually transferring data into a master Google Sheet via copy & paste.